Website Accessibility

Inspire Quality Services is committed to developing a website which will support access for all users regardless of disability by implementing those guidelines set out by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 1.0.

Older Browsers

Please note that many older browsers do not support the features described here.

Supplemental Navigation Features

Global links to the Home Page and the Site Map are included in the metadata section of each webpage.
Local links allowing users to skip navigation and go directly to content are included on each page.
These features are not generally visible to the standard browser however are most useful when using text only browsers, screen readers etc.

Tab Index

All forms on this website have tab index values added.

Access Keys

Access keys provide simple keyboard commands which can help speed up navigation for those with limited mobility etc. The following access keys are included on this site:

  • Access key 0 goes to this page
  • Access key 1 goes to the Home Page
  • Access key 3 goes to the Site Map
  • Access key 9 goes to the Contact Page

All browsers support Access Keys however each uses differing key strokes to trigger them. You should consult the technical details for each browser in use however the following is a summary of the main browsers usage which some may find useful:

  • IE - "ALT" + Access Key. Wait and then press the "ENTER" key to visit the link
  • Firefox 3.0 - "ALT" + "SHIFT" + Access Key and the "ENTER" key are required
  • Opera - press "SHIFT" + "ESC" followed by the Access Key
  • Safari - "ALT" + Access Key
  • Safari - "CTRL" + Access Key
  • Firefox 3.0 - "CTRL" + Access Key. Wait and then press "ENTER"
  • Opera - "SHIFT" + "ESC" followed by the access key