Understanding and using the TMMi ® [Testing Maturity Model Integration](2 Day Course for the TMMi® Professional Certification)

Note: customised versions of this course are also available. We can provide executive management briefings, 1-day overview courses or extended workshops based for example on specific Process Areas also.


This course prepares participants for the TMMi Professional Certification. It covers the TMMi Professional syllabus from the TMMi Foundation as well as providing practical aspects of using the TMMi.

Given that testing typically accounts for 30-40% of the project effort, test process improvement can provide significant leverage in support of the business goals. This course will introduce the Test Maturity Model Integration (TMMi®) assessment and improvement framework. It will cover model elements such as the process areas and will address practical issues relating to implementing TMMi on a stand alone basis or in conjunction with the CMMI.

Business Outcomes

As a TMMi Professional you will be able to perform each of the following tasks:

  • Explain to management the business importance of test process improvement
  • Guide and advice an organisation or project when using the TMMi model as basis for their test process improvement
  • Provide support in the interpretation and understanding of the TMMi model, including relationship of the TMMi to the CMMI model
  • Act as a co-assessor in informal TMMi assessments
  • Participate in programs for improving the test process within an organisation or project and can identify critical success factors

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will as a TMMi Professional be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of test process management and improving the test process
  • Explain fundamental TMMi Concepts
  • Explore the structure and organisation of the TMMi
  • Interpret the meaning and requirements of the TMMi and its Process Areas as applied to your organisation/role
  • Apply the TMMi as a practical framework for internal test process improvement
  • Describe the synergies, overlaps and interactions between TMMi and CMMI
  • Successfully manage your Test Process Improvement project using a lifecycle approach
  • Apply test process improvements and process management concepts throughout the lifecycle
  • Describe options relating to TMMi-based assessments
  • Determine approximately where your organisation lies on the maturity scale
  • Apply lessons learnt from real world experiences of using TMMi

Level and Orientation of Audience

This course is intended for anyone interested in applying the concepts of continuous test process improvement using the TMMi as a framework (it will be of special interest to those who want to adopt a very practical approach). This includes Test Managers, Software Development Managers, Quality Managers, Test leads/Senior testers and members of test Process Improvement Teams. However, anyone with an interest in quality and test process improvement will derive great benefit from this course. Although there are no formal pre-requisites for the TMMi Professional exam it is advisable for attendees to have some experience in testing (and have the equivalent knowledge such as ISTQB Foundation level as a minimum).

Course Topics

This course covers the TMMi Release 1.0 (2012)


The introduction establishes a common understanding of course objectives and explores participant expectations.

Test Process Improvement
  • Characteristics of mature and immature test organisations
  • The rationale for test process improvement
  • Fundamentals of test process improvement/management
  • Costs and Benefits of the TMMi
Introduction to the TMMi Model
  • Background: The CMMI, its structure and relationship to testing
  • Staged versus Continuous representations
  • Evolution of the testing process
  • Background to the TMMi - sources used in its development
  • Scope of the TMMi model
  • Comparison between the CMMI and the TMMi for test process improvement
The TMMi Maturity Levels
  • Understanding the TMMi Maturity levels
  • Overview of the TMMi process areas
  • Exercises:
    • Identification of participant's current process issues
    • Initial analysis in a TMMi context
The TMMi Structure
  • TMMi Components
    • Process Areas, Specific and Generic Goals, specific and generic practices, sub practices and elaborations
    • Required, expected and informative components
  • Understanding the generic goals and practices
  • Relationship with the CMMI and how CMMI supports TMMi process areas
  • Exercise on structure
TMMi Model - Understanding the Process Areas and their specific practices
  • Summary of process areas and the specific practices for
    • Level 2 Process Areas (PA's) (plus exercise)
    • Level 3 PA's (plus exercise)
    • Level 4 PA's
    • Level 5 PA's
TMMi Assessments
  • Formal and informal assessments based on TAMAR
  • Where assessments fit in overall improvement process
  • How assessments work in practice
  • How to become a (lead) assessor
Implementing TMMi
  • How to improve the test process using TMMi
  • Issues involved e.g. business needs, cultural change, integrating with Software Process Improvement
  • Using a suitable improvement lifecycle like IDEAL
    • Initiating
    • Diagnosing
    • Establishing
    • Acting
    • Learning
  • How to prioritise your improvement actions
  • Selection of suitable pilot projects
  • Planning checklist
Summary and Conclusions
  • Lessons Learnt with TMMi
  • Critical success factors and risks with test process improvement
  • Next steps
Exam guidance
  • Sample exam questions
  • Tips and guidelines for the exam