Project Management

Successful Software Project Management relies on three key elements:

  • Effective Software Development Planning (incorporating Estimation, Risk Management, etc.)
  • Proper Tracking/ Control
  • People Management/Team Building

How Inspire Quality Services can help you

If you are about to undertake a new project or wish to regain control over your existing project. Inspire Quality Services can help by providing a range of consulting and training services, in the area of Software Project Management.

Consulting Services

Inspire Quality Services can assist you with new or existing projects by:

  • Performing troubleshooting on projects experiencing difficulties
  • Providing coaching in specific areas such as planning, estimation, risk management, tracking etc.

Software Project Management Training Workshops

Inspire Quality Services offer a practical three day workshop, Software Project Management in which those new to managing software projects will gain a solid, comprehensive foundation of skills with which to plan and operate projects.

Senior project managers who want to reinforce their experience with proven principles and approaches, will also find this an excellent course.

This workshop covers the fundamentals of software project management, instantly applicable to a wide variety of projects.

Project Management Course

To learn more about our Project Management course click on the title below.