Reviews & Inspections

What are the benefits of such a process?

The main benefits of carrying out an Inspection process whether formally or informally are time saving, improved quality and reduced costs. This is obtained:

  • by finding more defects
  • by finding them early in the development lifecycle
  • by preventing defects

Inspections have the highest return on investment of any software engineering practice - a return of 10 to one. The following are typical results from organisations that have introduced Inspections:

  • net productivity increase of 30% to 100% (less rework so productivity improves)
  • net timescale reductions of 10% to 30%
  • test execution costs and timescales reduced by a factor of 5 to 10 since there are fewer defects left to find.
  • Maintenance costs reduced by a factor of 10

The time savings are obvious from the above discussion in terms of reduced rework, etc. but ultimately the prevention of defects by designing quality in to the work products will yield the greatest time saving.

Another benefit is individual learning and helping to build effective technical teams with an associated enhancement in the flexibility of individuals to take over each other's work when required. This point is often as significant a point as the direct benefits described above. The development of a quality culture in general is often strongly linked to the introduction of formal reviews/inspections.

How Inspire Quality Services can help you improve

Consultancy Services
  • Assess the effectiveness of your current approach
  • Provide practical assistance with new process introduction or improvement of existing processes
  • Provide effective customised deployment strategy e.g. basic process migrating to more advanced Fagan/Gilb-type process
  • Process customisation/Tailoring to meet your business, cultural and technical requirements

Inspection Training Workshops

Workshops are customised as appropriate to the level and orientation of the audience, as per an organisations specific requirements. They may be concerned with introducing a new review process or improving the effectiveness of an existing process.

Management Overview (1/2 or 1 day) - focusing on topics such as cost/benefit, management support and implementation planning aspects of reviews.

Practical and Effective Inspections (2-day )
Inspection Leader Workshop (1-day)

Reviews & Inspections Courses

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